Call us on: 07843 336368

Call us on: 07843 336368


Question How quickly can you find me a cleaner ?
Answer Usually within 7 days, depending on cleaner availability, but often it can be faster than that.
Question Who provides the equipment and cleaning materials?
Answer Normally the cleaner will use your cleaning materials in order to keep the hourly rate as low as possible. Most clients prefer to know what cleaning items are being used in their home and many have specific requirements like a particular polish or maybe do not use bleach because of allergies.
Question Do your cleaners iron?
Answer Most cleaners are happy to carry out a small amount of ironing as part of their normal duties, but please be realistic, unless ironing is assessed within the visit, another part of your clean will have to be substituted.
Question How do i pay?
Answer Mrs Mop issues a 4 weekly invoice, which will require payment within 7 days of receipt, a remittance advice to accompany your payment is included. Facilities to pay by Standing Order are available on request (Unfortunately we do not offer a Direct Debit system at this time). Online payment can also be made; details are included on the invoice.
Question What happens if i am going on holiday and don’t want the cleaner to call?
Answer There is NO OBLIGATION to have a clean if you are away, we would ask that you contact the Office at the earliest opportunity to inform them of the date.
Question Do you have a minimum call time?
Answer Yes. The minimum number of hours is 2 per week, and 3 for a “blitz” clean.
Question What insurance cover do you have in place?
Answer Mrs Mop has the maximum liability insurance.
Question Can i change the cleaning tasks from week to week?
Answer It is entirely up to you what tasks your cleaner carries out for you on a weekly basis, some clients want the same things done each week, others like to have a special job done periodically and others have a monthly rota. As long as you speak to your cleaner and they understand what is required then that is fine.
However, please ensure that the tasks you set are achievable in the allotted time

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